Frequently Asked Questions

  • January and February
    Daily by reservation only.

    Mondays and Tuesdays by reservation.
    Wednesday through Sunday – 1 hour after sunrise until 1 hour before sunset

    April through July
    Every day from 1 hour after sunrise until 1 hour before sunset

    Tuesdays by reservation
    Mondays, Wednesday – Sundays 9am until 3 pm
    (extended hours by reservation)

    September and October
    Mondays and Tuesdays by reservation
    Wednesday through Sunday 1 hour after sunrise until 1 hour before sunset


    WE WILL ALSO BE CLOSED ON SATURDAY OCT 10th but you can find us at the Explore The Outdoors Festival at Live Oak Landing and try a Hydrobike for free! (Don’t worry we will be back in time for the Sunset BBQ ride that evening.)

    November and December
    Daily by reservation

How hard is it to ride?

Not hard at all, unless you want it to be. Cruising speed is around 5 mph and takes about as much effort as walking. If you are looking for more exercise, you can get up to 10 mph. Depending on your needs, the Hydrobike can provide a nice easy cruise or a calorie burning workout.

How old do you have to be to ride a Hydrobike?

We have no age restriction however riders must be able to reach the pedals. Usually that is around 8 years old and about 56 inches tall.

How wet will I get?

Typically, you won’t unless you choose to. In a light chop your feet will likely get splashed a little. In a heavy chop or in ocean swells up to half of you will get wet. The Hydrobike is stable enough to jump off of and climb back on to safely so if you want to get really wet, you can!

Can I buy a Hydrobike?

Yes! Simply contact Emerald Coast Hydrobikes and we will be happy to arrange a demo.

Can I use it for fishing?

Yes! The Hydrobike can quietly go where most other boats can not (in as little as 18 inches of water). Plus the elevated seat gives you a great view of the water and habitat. An optional rod holder is available and the decks have plenty of room to strap on a tackle box and cooler! By the way, we offer a Hydrobike designed just for fishing enthusiasts. Check out “The Angler” on our sales page.

Is it just like a bike?

More or less, yes. The main difference is in the steering. If you turn the handlebar too sharply, the rudder will act more like a brake than a rudder. You will quickly realize that a little is actually a lot. Overall, the steering is surprisingly responsive and easy to control.

What should I wear?

In short, whatever is comfortable and weather appropriate. Shoes are optional. Some people like to wear tennis shoes while others bring flops and store them in the console. Weather can be hard to predict, especially in the spring and fall so layers are a good idea and there is plenty of room in the console to stow them. We do not recommend overly loose or flowing pants or skirts because they can get tangled in the bike chain. With all that said, keep in mind that the sun can be very intense here in Florida particularly when you are on the water. A breathable or thin long sleeve shirt can provide protection from the sun as can thin pants, a hat and sunglasses. Waterproof sunscreen is also a good option. If your skin is not used to getting a lot of sun, please understand that even a short amount of unprotected exposure can be brutal and you will not feel it until it is too late. Protect yourself with clothes or sunscreen so you won’t have to go through a few rough and crispy days. We would much rather see you back on the water the next day!

What should I bring?

The console has ample room for plenty of gear plus two drink holders (sorry, but no alcohol)
What you bring is up to you but we recommend that you consider the following items;
-Sunglasses with a floating leash
-Sunscreen/lip balm
-Weather appropriate clothing
-Bug Spray
-Towel/change of clothes (if you plan to get wet)
-Necessary personal medication, especially for any known alergies

In most cases you and your stuff will not get wet but we do offer dry bags to protect against a water fumble or other potential electronic tragedy. We also have many of the above items and you will be able to order them when you make your reservation.

Can I ride a Hydrobike in the Ocean?

Yes! In fact Hydrobikes are designed to handle up to 4 foot swells!